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In America's residential treatment facilities (Children's Homes/Orphanages), Foster Family Agencies and Group Homes there are thousands of children and teens who have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Each youth has a tiny light ( a star holding hopes and dreams) that dims and flickers. If one looks very closely one can see it, but most times it is invisible.  Why? Because these children have a severely damaged sense of self and self worth, and in many cases an inability to trust and bond with others to achieve or accomplish a goal or a dream.   

"I have a Dream."  

Young people are America’s greatest resource and future. Nothing could be more precious and of greater value then to strive with endless effort to build self-esteem, self confidence and self worth in abused, abandoned, troubled and neglected children thriving in foster care, to become productive and mentally healthy individuals in society, reaching their highest potential.   

Welcome to the website of The Brightest Star, Inc. (TBS) It is our dream and sole purpose to draw out and make bright that tiny light in youth who have been neglected, abused and/or orphaned thriving in or "aged out" in foster care. With direct assistance in the areas of building dreams and self-esteem through providing educational, cultural enrichment activities, emotional, transitional, financial, counseling and mentoring services they will shine as Brightest Stars and become productive citizens in our communities.    

We need your support to help build dreams and the self-esteem of children and teens thriving in foster care. It is the social vaccine required for every child's mental health wellness.

For recent updates about TBS projects and programs, friend raising activities and/or our special events be sure to visit our Special Events and News & Inspiration pages.  


                                  Tatyana Ali (Actress) and Chandra Wilson, (Actress, Grey's Anatomy)
All you got to do is dream, everybody got a dream
live your life and follow your dreams and never give up.

                                                                     Cymphonique Miller/Urban Born

We believe that abused, abandoned, neglected and troubled
children and teens, who are in need of hope thriving in our Foster Care system,
if given the chance to understand the power of having a dream,
can and will set attainable goals they can achieve.

                                                                                                                              Lea Michelle Cash